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On October 6th, 2016 at Sundance Cinemas in West Hollywood LA and Toronto based film collective We Make Movies had the friends and family red carpet premiere of its first half-hour comedy pilot, OFF THE GRID. It’s the story of three social outcasts who are sentenced to an Internet rehab center for their online crimes and must band together against their nastiest troll yet: their therapist. The screening featured red carpet arrivals with industry talent and reps, a retrospective on the last 7 years of the community’s past work (a cross section of hundreds of community developed projects), a post-screening Q&A with the filmmakers, and a VIP reception featuring an “OFF THE GRID Survival Kit” gift bag for guests. We Make Movies was formed in 2009 with just a handful of filmmakers meeting in one another's living rooms to give feedback on each other’s scripts and now seven years later that handful has grown to a mailing list of over 4,000 and standing room only free weekly workshops in Hollywood. In addition to free events, they also offer online production and networking tools, regular screenings and a “rolling production fund” that is used to greelight projects from within the community. OFF THE GRID not only represents the pinnacle group effort for We Make Movies, as the writers, actors, producers, director and crew were all active members, but it also serves as a pilot program for the innovative, affordable and fun way We Make Movies develops, produces, and distributes content. We Make Movies has leveraged cutting edge advances in movie technology with a modern approach to content development and production to create the world’s most efficient, teachable, and cost effective way to make content. Working in tandem companies like Apple, Lumaforge, Red Digital Cinema, Blackmagic Design, and Eizo, We Make Movies is revolutionizing the way movies get made in Hollywood and is actively democratizing storytelling for filmmakers across the world. OFF THE GRID represents a never before seen workflow that can save independent producers tens of thousands of dollars and sets a new standard for how a movie can travel from script to screen.

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